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Wil and Monique

“The fact that Nordic Pilgrim had prepared and arranged everything for us so well, we only had to walk from A to B. This enabled us to enjoy our pilgrimage intensively.”


“Nordic Pilgrim’s personal approach and handling of practical matters proved more than welcome when I had a silly accident and could not continue due to a broken ankle. I was so very pleased that Nordic Pilgrim was there for me then.”


“Nordic Pilgrim helped me with arranging my pilgrimage in the summer 2017 from Sundsvall to Östersund. My experience on the ‘road’ couldn’t be better. I walked on my own and only met nice people, stayed at nice places and enjoyed good food. When I’ll walk...


“The first year I had to give walking St. Olavsleden up after a week. The second year my son found Nordic Pilgrim – and their help made all the difference. I had such great experiences along the way each day, and in each of the...